vintage wedding furniture

Looking to plan an on-trend wedding? For a stylish affair, consider incorporating antique furniture into your wedding decor and you’ll never look at an old drawer or rustic shutters the same! Turn up the originality at your wedding by using vintage pieces to give your day a shabby-chic flair.

3 ways to get the look:                                                                                                        -Bring in meaningful pieces from relatives or your own home.

-Get your DIY on and hunt for rustic options at antique stores or flea markets.  Personalize your finds by painting them to coordinate with your wedding colors.

-Rent vintage pieces from a company for your ceremony or reception.  Some places to consider are Found, Court, Deserted Attic, Archive , and Wish Vintage Rentals.  Search local companies within your area for more options.

Check out these steal-worthy ideas!

Photo Displayphoto           Using personal pictures as wedding decorations is an easy way to make your affair feel more intimate.  The DIY options are endless– paint an old window, rustic door, or shutters.  Mount the images with mod podge or secure them with clothes pins.

Treat Buffet treatEveryone loves some wedding day goodies!  Make your display table more exciting by using drawers as containers for your treats or forget the table all together and opt for a dresser instead!  Make a special arrangement for plates, bags, or more treats within some of the drawers and use glass containers of different heights for an elegant look.  Taking advantage of the drawers along with the different sizes of jars will give your display a visually pleasing play on heights!

Floral Arrangements floral          There is nothing more gorgeous than a simple table covered with fresh flowers.  Fill the drawers of an antique table with overflowing flowers or use old desk drawers to house flowers for orignal centerpieces.

Refreshmentsdrink           What could be better than a bar? Only a stunning one, of course! Romantic desks, dressers, and vanities make for the perfect drink stand.  Take advantage of the drawers to display more glasses or fill them with flowers for a decorative touch.

DIY option for an outdoor wedding- Find a breathtaking old door.  Drill a hook in each corner.  Hang the door from a tree and use it as a floating table for your cocktail glasses. Decorate the sides with bunting or lace for a finishing touch.

Favors        favors         Along with using a dresser or desk, a glass hutch is a beautiful way to place your favors.  If you go with a rustic vanity, leave a note on the mirror for an unexpected detail.

Cake Tablecakedisplay             You can’t go wrong when it comes to cake, but setting up dessert on an whimsical desk, vanity, dresser, or china cabinet can make it that much sweeter.

Programsprogram     Whether you use only drawers for your programs or an entire dresser, your ceremony will feel much warmer by including rustic pieces.  You can also paint window panes with chalkboard paint to leave your guests a message or write directly on the glass for a playful feel.

Seating Cardsseatingcards     Whether your seating cards are strung from rustic doors, hanging from painted shutters, written in different panels, or set in miniature desk drawers, taking advantage of the furniture trend is an adorable option for table assignments.

Alter          alter       Couples are making their ceremony sights more intimate by arranging alters reminiscent of their living rooms or by using antiques as props to display floral arrangements.  Just an arch of rustic doors creates a breathtaking space to say “I do!”

Backdropbackdrop     Bringing furniture outdoors is a lovely backdrop idea for your wedding portrait.  An elegant chaise in the woods or a DIY photo booth with an old frame and romantic chairs are both original ways to make your photos even more special.

Door Knobs doorknobs       Vintage door knobs are adorable accents! Using door knobs for your bouquet, wedding favors, or table numbers is an unexpected detail that is perfect for any rustic affair.

Menu/Signs menu_sign        Display your drinks, dinner menu, or timeline for all of your guests to see without an ounce of poster board! Using window panes or doors is a simple way to add some charm to your signs.

a twist on tradition: neon nuptials

Bring on the bold! Forget about limiting your wedding colors to only 50 shades of peach– consider any vibrant hue for your wedding day.  The neon wedding is popular for this spring/summer and is another trend that can easily be personalized to your specific style.  Add a funky flair for a more edgy vibe or incorporate tasteful pops of bright neon for a more sophisticated feel. Let your love shine bright with this vibrant inspiration.

Invites     invites Gorgeous invitations are the first step towards planning success.  But don’t worry– a neon wedding doesn’t mean that you’re limited to only 80’s styles.  The neon wedding is so chic because of all of the options it offers.  Let a touch of color shine against a white background or go for bold from the beginning with glowing stationary.

Seating Cardsescort     Another thing to love about neon nuptials–they look amazing with the washi and chalkboard trends!

DIY– Recycle old keys for clever color-coded seating cards.  This craft is perfect the bride looking for amazing results from an inexpensive and easy DIY.  You only need washi tape, acrylic paint, and not a lot of time in order to pull off these amazing seating cards.  Check out Limn & Lovely  for a super easy how-to.

Bouquetsbouquet         Pick a bouquet to compliment your theme that showcases a variety of stunning colors or one that stays true to just a single bold hue.  Be careful when considering which flowers to go with, you don’t want your bouquets to look lackluster against your electric decor.

Decor       decor

DIY Bottle Table Numbers- Collect old bottles all the same style or mix it up to add some variety. Use acrylic or spray paint to coat them in a beautiful neon shade.  Ones the bottles have dried, add numbers with stickers or stencils.

DIY Vases- Pick out any size cardboard tubes.  Ensure with you florist that they size vase for your arrangements will fit within your tubes.  Create patterns with washi tape to instantly have a chic centerpiece.

Fashion  fashion

With such a strong statement that a neon wedding makes, ensure sure that your style doesn’t seem muted in comparison.  You and your bridal party don’t have to be decked out in all things neon in order to capture your trendy theme.  J.Crew, Kate Spade, and Bauble Bar all have amazing statement necklaces that you’ll love both during and after your big day.  If your groom wants to join in on the colorful fun, have the guys opt for bold ties or a pair of neon converse for their wedding look.

Place Settingstable

Forget about the cream napkins your mother stressed about for her wedding.  Liven up your place settings with vibrant favors or a sweet treat.  A rock candy cocktail is the only thing missing from these tables!

DIY Dipped Napkins–  This process is easier than you may think and yields amazing results! All you need is Fluorescent fabric dye and white napkins.  Any brand dye will work but iDye is easy to use and comes highly recommended.  Check out Crate & Barrel or CB2  for some white napkin options (who knew you would have so many choices!).

Receptionreception           Neon receptions can be as whimsical or as classic as you desire.  Jumbo balloons with neon tassels perfectly suit a more playful affair while stunning floral arrangements in colorful vases complement any ballroom.

Cakes        cakeRemember those white, frilly, wedding cakes?  Bring some life to your dessert with pops of neon fondant or have the entire thing covered in bright accents.  The possibilities for cake decor are endless so don’t be afraid to branch out and have it match your personality–and not just a white dress.

Treats       treats           After spending an evening surrounded by big colors, your guests are bound to start craving some sweet treats.  Candy bars are an easy yet eye-popping way to play up your color scheme yet please your guests at the same time.  Order bulk amounts of colorful candy and your candy display can serve as both treats and decor.  IZZE sparkling juice comes in a variety of bold colors and adds an extra neon touch four guests.  Cases of 12 can be purchased from Sam’s Club.

Favors     favors         While glow sticks, candy, or sunglasses may be the perfect favors for a neon wedding, it’s all about the packaging!

DIY Favor Boxes- Select any size white cube box.  Smitten on Paper has inexpensive glass finish 2x2x2 that ship in bulk.  Select any style craft punch from your local craft store.  We recommend Martha Stewart punches with the Smitten on Paper boxes for the perfect fit.  Assemble the boxes, punch the front, and slide in neon paper for adorable treats.

DIY Wrapped Favors- Customize the packaging of your favors by wrapping them with neon accents.  All you need is brown package wrap (Paper Mart sells it in bulk), twine, and any bright dot stickers!

a need not a want: sensational seating


Who doesn’t get stressed out by the thought of figuring out the massive puzzle aka seating arrangements for all of your friends and family? Not to worry– seating assignments can actually be a fun element of the wedding! Not all receptions are required to have the standard seating chart or escort-card table. Embrace the challenge and show off all of your hard work in a memorable way.

The ballon chandelier is a super easy and inexpensive DIY that will make a bold seating statement.  Check out for clear instructions on how to craft this clever seating display.  Your guests will love checking out your favorite pictures as they look for their table assignment.  It’s these personal touches that give your wedding reception an intimate feel.

What guest wouldn’t be excited to look for their name within a heart-shaped target practice?  This playful presentation is perfect for any outdoor nuptials!  Names/table numbers are printed on vibrant arrows and then are secured  within a perspex frame.  Take a look at Ruthie and Ian’s Napa Valley wedding for more inspiration.

The creative possibilities are endless for a unique seating “chart” masterpiece.  Don’t let the stress of organizing guests bog you down– go for a dramatic display to bring the excitement back!