friday cheers: cherry sour cocktails


It’s officially spring so lets celebrate with a fruity cocktail!  A cool, cherry treat is a colorful way to greet guests and start the party.  Mason jars as tumblers are a great way to turn up the fun with their festive presentation.  Check out Shop Sweet Lulu or Etsy to order daisy straw lids that fit standard 8 oz jars.

Spring Cherry Sours

Ingredients (for 4)

12 ounces Cherry Citrus-Ade (check out Chasing Delicious for a delicious recipe if you’re feeling ambitious)
2 oz whiskey
2 oz brandy
Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and then pour into 4 Mason jars.  Add ice, a lid, and a straw to ensure a memorable signature cocktail.


DIY Options


Lets face it- drinks get better the prettier they are! Make your own lids with holes for straws by using cupcake wrappers that accent your wedding and simply punching a hole with the straw.  For those comfortable with power tools, drill a straw hole in the standard tops and then coat the lids with chalkboard paint for the finishing touch!

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